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Myths about People with Disabilities

Myth # 1: People with disabilities cannot make their own decisions
- because they might make a mistake!

FACT:  Everyone should have the right to make decisions for himself
- even wrong ones!


Myth # 2:  You have to speak loudly to most people with disabilities
- because they might have difficulty hearing!

FACT:  People get confused about how to communicate
with a person who has a disability.
SOME people with disabilities have hearing problems,
others have problems understanding,
and the rest hear and understand just like you and me.  
Yelling does not help!


Myth # 3:  People with disabilities shouldn't be out in our community -
they should be kept indoors at home.

FACT:   More and more people who are disabled are becoming visible - in shopping malls, restaurants, theatres - enjoying life!  That's the way it should be!


Myth # 4: We have to talk for people who have disabilities -
because they aren't capable.

FACT:   People who take over for another person
really deprive that person of a sense of self worth and dignity.


Myth # 5: Disabled people don't have feelings like you -
their blood is a different color, too!

FACT: People with disabilities think and feel the same as anyone, but
the public seems to think that they should react to situations
differently than other people do.