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Disabiltiy Awareness
Stop discriminating

Have you ever...
Made a joke about someone with a disability?
Laughed at someone who wasn't as smart as you?

‘People don’t understand, and you can’t really expect them to either because there is nothing out there to tell them about this’

there is something about you that is unlike anyone else.  
Maybe you can shoot a basketball with your eyes closed.  
Maybe you write poems that take people's breath away.  
Or maybe you have a birthmark on the bottom of your foot.  
There is something about you that makes you different from everyone else.

There is something about every person that makes them different.  
It could be something they were born with, something they learned,
or just something that happened to them.

Maybe there is something about yourself that you don't like.  Maybe you hate the way your nose curls up.  Maybe your voice sounds scratchy.  Maybe you're not any good at playing sports.  Maybe you're not good at math, and have to have a math tutor.  Maybe you can't see very well and need glasses.

Maybe YOU have a special need!
(most people do)
It's just that some needs are more outstanding than others

People with disabilities have special needs
They are just like you.  They are unique.  They can think, feel, and do.

Don't be Afraid... Just Try to understand

What is it like to have a disability?  Try to read this familiar story to find out.

What exactly are disabilities?  What are the specific disabilities?

What are some myths about people with disabilities?

Why use "people-first language"?

My view on inclusion

Educational Resource Links

Disclaimer:  This information should not be used as a substitute for professional advice!