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100 Things About Me

   My name is Melody
   I am a female
   I am 21 years old
   My birthday is in February
   I have an older brother but no sisters
   I live in southeast U.S.
   I have lived in three states
   I am a junior in college
   My major is Special Education
    I wish my major was English
    I don't have many friends
    I have been hospitalized four times since 1999
    I have never had a broken bone
    One time I was in the hospital with a collapsed lung (car accident)
    One time I was in the hospital because I tried to commit suicide
    Twice I was in the hospital to be treated for depression
    My father sexually abused me from a very early age till I was 17
    I ran away from home when I was 17
    I love the movie, "The Sixth Sense"
    "The Fisher King" is another movie I love
    Once, an entire church staff was ordered not to have anything to do with me
    My favorite color is purple, which is the color of healing
    I think Eeyore is cool
    I love to look at the sky
    I would like to visit more lighthouses... I take pictures of them
    My mother has called me "crazy" more than once, and she wasn't kidding
    My best friend has suggested that I may be bipolar
    I made all A's in high school... until I was a senior
    I graduated from high school even though I missed 3 months out of my senior year
    I tend to lose friends very easily
    If I could do anything with my life, I would probably write novels and be a children's advocate
    I have no idea why I chose to be a teacher
    I am a Christian
    I grew up going to a Southern Baptist Church, but I'm very nondenominational now
    I am very bitter towards my parents, unfortunately
    I go to therapy once a week
    I go to an incest survivor's group once a week
    My favorite phrase in high school was "El ciesto cayendo"
    I have major eating problems
    I have no desire to get married and have children
    In my classes, I read about children who self-mutilate... and I think of the scars on my own arms
    I have so many diaries and journals that I've lost count
    When I ranaway from home, my mom read through all of my diaries and journals, except the ones I had saved on disks with passwords
    Both of my grandfathers are deceased.  Both of my grandmothers are still alive
    My mother thinks my father is the best thing that ever happened to me
    I love to learn, but I hate school
    I am horrible with people
    I was in the newspaper club in high school for two years
    I am usually asleep by 1 am.
    I love to sleep late.
    Sports is not my forte.  I don't like the competition because I don't meet the standards
    If I could have anything I wanted, I wouldn't care about money
    Once I had a dream of living on the beach and telling ppl about God
    When I was in high school, I wanted to live in New York
    Until 2002, I had never been to New York
    My Sunday school teacher's husband committed suicide when I was in 4th grade
    One of my friend's from church died at Burger King from a food allergy at age 16
    My favorite professor at my college died in 2002
    I have always liked smiley face icons... now that I think about it, I don't know why
    I can take five minute showers... or one hour baths
    I have a fear of jelly fish
    I used to have a fear of bees until I was stung by an entire hive.... after that, I was fine
    #62 involved spending several hours in a doctor's office trying to stay conscious
    I got "married" in fourth grade... during recess
    I HATE dressing up:I can't stand wearing dresses, skirts or uncomfortable shoes.
    If I could make any food calorie free, fat free, sugar free, and sodium free without changing the taste... I would choose chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.
    If I could have a second choice from the above food, I would choose lasagna.
    My first pet was a Beta fish
    My second pet was a hamster... he is still alive!
    I love to read novels about people who have been through experiences like me... I also love to read high action and horror novels
    I love to write.... I have written tons of short stories and poems, and even a few novels.  Some of my poems have been published but to tell the truth, I haven't kept track of which ones...
    Some people say I am a perfectionist... and a workaholic
    I like to have control over my body
    I love to watch young children laugh
    Nature tends to bring me peace
    I wish that I could have a closer relationship with God
    It's hard to see myself after I graduate from college
    Learning new things comes fairly easy for me
    I was third in my high school class until I moved.
    I have learned that grades don't mean anything.
    I used to sing in performances and was top in my class in playing the clarinet... now I don't do either
    I was in I.C.U. for four days and was released without being put in a regular room
    A boy in my high school class had a brain tumor
    One of my best friends wrote me a suicide note when she was in seventh grade
    I was in eighth grade the first time I seriously wanted to kill myself
    I have always wanted to learn how to dance
    I used to think that there were demons in my room at night ... now, I realize the shadows I saw were probably from my father
    I have pushed many, many people away from me because I was afraid that someone might care too much
    Sometimes I think that love is bad, because it always means getting hurt
    I do not trust anyone completely, not even myself
    Most people I see on a regular basis do not know my name
    I can't stand to be in large crowds
    I am not scared to walk down a city street at night alone
    I've been a computer addict since I was in middle school
    I have a hard time saying "no"
    I say and do very random things, sometimes
    I have an odd sense of humor and am often sarcastic
    I like to shock people
    If someone dares me to do something, I will usually do it
   There are a lot more than 100 things I could say about myself, but I'm sure I have bored the world... so I will quit.